Thursday, July 23, 2015

Price Family

I have know this family for years and it was so great to see them and catch up!! These cute boys sure gave us a run for our money during the shoot but holy cuteness it was allll worth it! ;)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


I have never in all my life been so excited for a shoot.  Dave and I knew when I got pregnant with Brynlee that she would be our last.  We know that our family is complete now and so I was so excited to get a picture of all my kids together.  My kids were SO good during the shoot and made me so proud and happy to be lucky enough to be their Mommy.  Even our dog did good! They are such funny, nice, talented, thoughtful, well-behaved kids. I thank my lucky stars everyday that they are mine. Love them with every thing that I am.  


This handsome little dude was BEYOND adorable! He came out of the car smiling and left smiling.  I couldn't get over the tan on this little babe! Such a stud!

Thursday, July 9, 2015


This cute girl is pretty much as cute as they come!! I am SO happy that she came back to visit since moving to Minnesota and she HAMMED it up for us the whole time!! Perfect weather for a perfect little lady.


Could you not eat her up and all her angelicness! Cuteness at it's finest!

Prusse Kids

I don't know who had more fun on this shoot me or the kids.  They were in heaven at this location.

Howell Family

Sweet, sweet family


MINE!! I ADORE my sweet, angel of ours! Can't believe she is 3 months.  Slow down time, slow down!

Introducing Heidi

This precious newborn was a CHUNK of love! She was a 10 pounder when she was born and full of squeshable cuteness.  

Stenquist Brother

I LOVE when I meet new clients that I just LOVE right off the bat.  This family showed up and delivered. Be still my heart with these boys.