Thursday, July 9, 2015

Nino Family

I really wish that people could sometimes be a fly on the wall for my shoots!! I get told all the time, "Your clients always look SO happy in their pictures!" "How do you get the kids to sit still and smile for the camera?" This is one of those shoots where I wish EVERYONE that asked me that was at! Scrolling through these pictures you would think the whole family was having the best time,  the kids were so well behaved, and that they family was so happy.  This particular shoot NONE of that happened lol! The kids were all melting down, someone was always trying to run away, the poor Mom thought the whole shoot was pointless and that we should just stop taking pictures because the kids were having such a rough time and even started to cry.  I told her that not to worry the MAGIC of the shoot would bring pictures of everyone looking GREAT and promised her that it would be worth it in the end if she stuck it out.  Man oh man was it ever! The personalities of these kids were awesome and it's shoots like this that make my job SO worth it!

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